Since You Asked

Is that you in the REALLY comic? 
Yes, most of the time it is me in the cartoon.  I don't always look like me, but then again, that's true in my real life too.  

What do you really look like?  Can I see a picture of you and your family?
I look EXACTLY like I do in REALLY?!?, only DIFFERENT.  Here is a pic of me and the wife.  I don't share pics of my kids.

How do you create one of your cartoons? 
I use a very simple, basic system.
1. Get an idea (the hardest step of the process)
2. Sketch the idea with pencil.
3. Erase, erase, erase
4. Get a new idea.
5. Sketch with pencil.
6. If i like it...plain old Sharpie (fine point)
7. Erase pencil markings.
8. Scan image and clean it up. 
9. Add text.
10. Get opinions from friends and family whether or not I should post.
11. Ignore them...they don't know what is funny!
12. Post/Publish

How do you get your ideas?

Stupid conversations, stupid things I've done, stupid things I've seen and stupid things I've heard.  Sometimes I just stare at the wall until an exciting idea comes...then I test it out...and then usually stare at the wall again.

Are your stories true?  
See the answer to the previous question.  And here have a banana.

Will you draw me in a REALLY?
I would love to...but my drawing ability sucks.  Even if I did draw wouldn't look like you.  Whenever I draw friends or family into drawings their "essence" is what I try to get  into the drawing, not their "likeness".  Sometimes, by happy happenstance I get a character that looks just like whom I had in mind...COOL! 

How long does it take to draw one of your cartoons? 
It depends.  Sometimes I draw 'em quick...sometimes not.  Could take 30 minutes...could take 30 days.

Is drawing your full-time job?
Are you kidding?  I make absolutely no money on my drawings.  My real job is just too boring to explain.  Unless someone gets a finger cut off...or their eyeball falls out....that's always fun. 

Can I email an idea that I have for a great post?
Sure, but don't get all pissy on me when you see it drawn.  And be all, like, that's MY idea and he stole it.  When you give me the idea and IF I use it, I'll give you credit (in itty-bitty letters).

Can I use your cartoons on my blog or on FaceWall or on a billboard or on my company letterhead or …? Well, you get the idea absolutely can... as long as you give me credit for my work.  
This is only fair, don't you think?  The proper credit includes a prominent, easily visible link to the source of the material you want to use.  As long as you aren't claiming to have drawn the picture yourself, I'm cool with that.  

One last thought.  I'll ask you not to do an entire re-post of my work without getting my permission first.  If you want to use a whole blog post for something (and I'm not sure why you'd want to, but...)  it would be best to ask me first.