Friday, December 10, 2010

Kinda Serious...Sorta.

Recently a friend of mine (that knows I create the REALLY?!? series) asked if I did any serious painting/drawing aside from the comics. I quickly responded by saying "not really." And that is the truth...sorta.

You see, I'm not a trained artist. I've never considered myself to be truly talented. (Read my last post.) Don't get me wrong, I've painted "real" paintings. But, I've never thought that they were any good. My wife has even hung a couple of them up on the walls at home (kind of humiliating). But I've never painted "seriously".

At one point I played with the idea, but it didn't last long. It seemed like the only time I painted was when I was depressed. And all of my paintings were all dark and depressing. They were too "serious"...So I stopped.

Besides, I'm having FUN with REALLY?!?

Anyway, we've moved into a new house. This is the first Christmas in the new house, so my wife wants it decorated "pretty". So out came the Christmas decorations and I pulled out something I kind of forgot about...A life-sized Santa that I painted when we were first married. (That's him at the top of the post.)

When I saw Santa, memories flooded in. When Laura and I first got married, while on our honeymoon, I got laid-off from my job. Christmas came around during that "in-between-jobs" stage and we didn't have a whole lot of money...not for decorations at least. So I took out some old house paint and found a sheet of plywood....and voila, we had our yard decoration for Christmas.

He is a little worn-out...a little tattered and faded, but he is part of the family.



Anonymous said...

Man that painting looks damn good

. said...

Thanks...funny what a little house paint can become. BTW, Do I know you? You should "follow". I'm trying to grow my audience. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I am recreating my wordpress blog, I will follow once I have it the way i want it .

Anonymous said...

Kraig~ The story behind the painted Santa... and the painting itself...are BEAUTIFUL!!!

Wishing you and your family a truly BLESSED CHRISTmas!! ~ <3 ya:)

~ Lisa C. Tastet :)