Thursday, August 19, 2010

Not Really Who I Used To Be!

There are things in my life that I start to do, usually with people watching, and realize as I am in the middle of them...

"man, I suck at this" or
"wow, I look like an idiot" or
"ouch, I'm way too old for this".

When did I get old? Or at least, when did I become so uncoordinated?

Sometimes I see this look on my kids faces. They have that "my dad is an alien" look. And I can't help but remember how cool I used to be (At least in my own mind) and just how uncool I am now. Apparently, at some point I became anti-cool.

But you know what? I'm gonna keep on dancing like I've still got "the moves".
And I'll enjoy every second of my kids' terror and embarrassment.



Juviegas said...

thats the way to do it!

VicAnnMostov said...

Ha...just stumbled across your site. Your comics are hilarious! What state are you from? I'm trying to collect a blog from every state.

. said...

@VicAnnMostov; I'm from south Louisiana...literally from "Cajun-country". I'm grateful for the happenstance that lead you to REALLY?!? and I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. I hope that you return...and leave comments.