Saturday, May 8, 2010 now I feel like I'm begging...when actually, I AM!

I "REALLY" appreciate all of my friends who have been visiting my "blog"...better known as REALLY?!?.
If you visit, please leave comments...
tell me if you like the cartoons...
tell me if you think they stink...
but, let me know that you visited.
If you have a gmail account..."follow" me.
If you don't have a gmail account...get one...and FOLLOW me!
I have "really" enjoyed this process and I know that I am not the only person moving through life and looking around me and seeing things that make me question society, my friends and my family and ask myself "REALLY?!?!"
...So please feel free to submit ideas too!
If you have been visiting...INVITE your friends.
(Now, I'll bet that if you read through this whole status update, you've said to yourself "Kraig, REALLY?!?"!


Writing Womb said...

Nope, I didn't say Kraig Really?!! at the end of this post..I know it's friggin hard to get readers to your blog...even harder to get people to comment...I have had a blog for 6 weeks now and have been a networking whore (excuse the phrase but really 20 hours a day for an entire month for no pay is pretty brutal) and I have been successful so far...yet it takes a lot of dedication and commmitment for sure!
I am reading you now, and i think you do great work...looking forward to reading some more...loving the comics draw them from hand?
The Naked Writer

monkeyshine said...

Yes ma'am. I'm untrained...and sometimes untalented, but this is my therapy. I appreciate you joining in and following. I'm now following you. My "real" job has been crazy busy so I haven't been able to post nearly as much as I would like to....however, I've been gathering those REALLY moments and I will be drawing up new cartoons soon. And yes, they are all hand drawn....pencil first, then inked (sharpie), scanned, cleaned, add text and post...voila

Kraig said...

by-the-way...MONKEYSHINE is me...Kraig